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Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting: Right Choice?

Dedicated server hosting is usually required to maintain large business websites. A whole server is dedicated to one website. It provides you with unlimited bandwidth and storage space, which ensures maximum website uptime, minimum response time and much controlled environment. Also the core benefit of dedicated server hosting is the security and privacy, you don’t have to share any space or bandwidth which mean no one can access your server but you.

There are two sub categories of dedicated server hosting: managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting, most of the people are unable to decide whether to select managed or unmanaged server. With unmanaged hosting you will get basic services like hardware maintenance and basic operating system installation rest you have to manage by yourself including all application software installations and security tools.

Whereas in managed hosting your hosting company will take care of everything. It manages your hardware, operating system, install application software, security software, firewall installations, perform the backup and take all possible measures to keep you server secure. As compared to unmanaged hosting it is costly; you have to pay for these services.

Linux and unix are most popular operating systems people are using with dedicated servers. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are having managed or unmanaged server, you can select any operating system you want. People willing to work on windows may have windows based server. Compatibility of these operating systems depends on the level of management required with dedicated server. Also all these operating systems require updates in order to keep things secure. In managed server hosting, your hosting company will manage your OS updates but in unmanaged server hosting you have to take care of it.

People who can manage there servers on their own will go for unmanaged hosting as cost is a major factor in managed hosting. But if you don’t have any idea about hosting you should go for managed hosting. Most of the people select managed hosting initially and then switch on to unmanaged hosting plan as they learn to handle the server. Vice versa when people having business websites start getting hits and they are unable to manage there server so they switch on to managed server hosting plan.

So keeping in mind all these factors of managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting you can select your desired plan according to your requirements and skills of managing server.


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