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Low Value Resolution to Make Your Web site Ship Outcomes For You

Low Cost Solution to Make Your Website Deliver Results For You

You have a website, for e.g. a small website with not much pages and not much content. You too don’t have much knowledge how to make your website work and you have a simple website that your website designer or website design company gave you. Now a big question! What to do with this website?

I have the following points for you to think and act upon. I will try to keep the requirements to a minimum for you, you have to read it, decide and act for yourself. that’s it.

Preliminary Work: Search on Google for your industry related keywords and find out what other top performing competitors are doing on their website, like from design point of view to the general page content and your industry related products & services and the message they convey to their visitors.

Website Design: Even if you have a simple but professional design that will do. Just keep it with you.

Web Page Content: The most funny thing about owning a website is 90% website owners is that they just don’t know, what is written in their website. Just go through the content of each of the pages and you can learn more about your website. And you may have to rewrite or edit the content to suit your business needs (During content development refer to your competitor website as much as you can, but never copy the content from there). It is 100% mandatory and don’t need you to spend a penny out of your pocket.

Ease to Find Things: Now look at your website on the whole and compare it with your best counterparts and analyse that is it easy to find information on your website or its confusing, you can ask your friends to use your website and comment.

Remove Clutter / disturbing objects: Remove unnecessary / disturbing objects, like attention grabbing objects which don’t need so much of attention and contradictions.

Remove Too much Content: Sometimes, its seen that a topic is needlessly stretched to explain, which is not needed. Visitors don’t like to read too much and just need enough information to think and decide.

Search Engine Optimization: Needs a little knowledge on Web page editing, Just use a few keywords that you want to be on top with. And use them simply without much intelligence in your title, description & keywords meta tags. Just have them at the first place and keep on improving later as needed.

Start Writing Articles: I believe everybody can write article and don’t need another article writer to write articles. Give it a try, and you will love this job. In the beginning you will find it boring and requires too much of thought. But as you will make progress, you will see, more good you can express yourself by writing articles yourself.

Social Networking:/> Join Social Networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Digg and spread useful information and not advertise your website.

link building: link building needs to be done carefully, find some resource websites related to your industry and request for a reciprocal link with them. One such link is better than 100s of one way or three way links, that are not related to your industry.

Directory Submission: Find competitors on Google and you will find where your competitors are on the internet and you can make your presence feel in the same free directories.

Video Creation: You can use windows movie maker to again spread interesting information / tutorials to make videos for yourself and upload video to various free video websites like YouTube.

Now to summarize, how much you need to do the above to get the results, and that needs huge patience. Yes, it needs time till you achieve the desired traffic and rankings. Generally writing a simple article takes 30 minutes to 1 hour and submitting an article to various article directories takes hours or days. And same is the case with everything else, based on the level of complexity.

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