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Listing Submissions – The Tech-Savvy Manner

Directory Submissions - The Tech-Savvy Way

Directory Submissions – The Tech-Savvy Way

The evolutions of search engines are constant and Google comes up with algorithms to raise the bar for better Search Engine Optimization. Maintaining the page ranking can be a dreary task, but you can keep your site well optimized with link submission.

In the competition of millions, your website should be in the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Visibility is the key to thriving e-commerce ventures and you can get the required boost with the help of directory submissions. Even if your website is on the apex of your trade, the statistics are bound to change in the long run. With the apt submissions you can get the rank as well as improved ROI.

Rules for the right directory link submission:

Research: You need to research the individual directories and categorically post the links to get optimum returns out of directory submission service. You need to ensure your links are present on the legitimate directories for organic traffic.

Site description: The keywords and proper description of your link can assist the search engines for finding your website. Order of the keywords does make a difference to the ranks. The class based business directory is important part of your submission. When there is no specific category, you can suggest the sections for submission. The length of your text descriptions can vary from a few words to about 50 words.

Free or paid: Use of free submission is popular, but paid link submission can get you to the spot you deserve promptly as the major search services will refer your site.

Anti-spam: Your content and description should be free of any spam like terms and titles. Legitimate promotional strategies within limit can help in obtaining organic web traffic.

URL and submissions: Use of primary website address is suggested as other URLs won’t be accepted by the web directories. The domain name of your home page with natural deeply rooted links will generate traffic and bring more crawlers from search engines to your webpage.

Automated vs manual: Distinguishing between the quality site and unimportant sites for manual submission is the vital part of legitimate directory listing. Purchasing software for automated directory based submission is not worth the cost and it can sometimes become ineffective if unethical.

Monitor: You should keep an eye on the changing website statistics once you begin website link and directory submissions. Track the date, title, category and description of the submissions to get better outcome.

Alternatively exchanging the categorized sites in the list through the link exchange directory is also possible when you want quality sites that can be related to your site topics. You can take help of the directory submission services for saving time and resources. Pave your way to high ROI and traffic with the correct strategy.

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