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Keyword Research Pro Review

These days on the Internet you need to be able to conduct a keyword research very effectively if you want to get anywhere online. About two ago months I first heard of some software that was new and supposed to be very good, and now that I own it, I do not use any other software for my research needs.

I am sure that you agree that niche/keyword research is very important. If you do not get it right, your campaigns are doomed from the start and you will not make anything. It can’t be rushed or overlooked. I am going to take you through how Keyword Research Pro is something you should take notice of.

What Is It?

This software is new and is a very cool piece of software that will help anyone to conduct research for any niche that they are looking into very, very quickly, plus it is a godsend to help find those long tail keywords. These are the words that convert into sales.

First Impressions

Well I have tried quite a few different types of keyword software over the years. I first came across Keyword Research Pro on a forum a while ago and I didn’t really take any notice of it at all. I was able to try it out and man I was surprised how fast it was, I have to say I was impressed. The biggest thing that really got my attention was being able to use this software and within a few minutes I could have had thousands of long tail keywords to attack.

I must admit I did think it was a little plain looking, but how wrong I was.

Does It Work?

This is not just a keyword tool. Uncovering all those sub niches and long tail keywords with Keyword Research Pro is going to be very, very easy. I have been able to find long tail keywords with this software very easily, these are the keywords that have turned into sales for my business. So yes I think this tool really does work. Keyword Research Pro has replaced all the software that I have been using to do the same jobs.

Who Is It Right For?

Any Internet marketer is going to get a lot out of Keyword Research Pro, but somethings do not change at all. Uncovering the right markets to work, if you can find tons of long tail keywords quicker then your competition, you will be able to get in front of your market easier and quicker then just going after those harder more competitive keywords.

If you would like a tool that will help you find those new markets and long tail keywords, then Keyword Research Pro will work for you. If you need a tool that will help you determine the profitability of certain keywords then Keyword Research Pro is the tool for you. If time is important to you, then this tool will be something you are going to love then.

Bad Points

Around two months ago is when I first got Keyword Research Pro, there were a few small issues with data from Google. But Fabian and his team are constantly releasing new versions of the software and it is even faster then it has been. Apart from the initial bugs, that all new software has when it is released to the market. Keyword Research Pro is now a very important part of my business, and it also a very important part of a lot other marketers business as well.

Good Points

Below are Keyword Research Pro’s good points, and the reasons I feel it is the best software on the market today.

1. It is super fast with generating its results.

2. It gets its results from multiple sources such as Google, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery,, Miva, YouTube

3. Replicates Google AdWords Keyword Tool’s Major Features!

4. Uncover thousands of profitable keywords to target in your next campaign, with no competition

5. Offers Multi-Language and Country Targeting

6. You are able to conduct product research with just one click

7. Very in depth and deep keyword analysis

8. Offers LSI Keyword Suggestions

9. Has one of the best and most powerful filtering systems to help you drill right down

10. No recurring costs – and it very very cheap compared to other software on the market

11. Free Upgrades for Life!

Keyword Research Pro is a piece of software that i think anyone can use to help them find those long tail keywords faster then anything else.. You are going to need an edge over your competitors if you want to get anywhere these days. Doing keyword/niche research right is very important to you making any money online.


I have tried all the major tools out there on the market today, and Keyword Research Pro really shines through even though it’s the cheapest as well. I have never really seen software to be able to generate the sheer numbers of keywords that keyword research pro can, plus to be able to give me the upper hand when conducting market research means I have to give Keyword Research Pro 9/10. Nothing is perfect but Keyword Research Pro is not far off the mark.

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