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Key phrase Analysis And Evaluation

Keyword Research And Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most fundamental components of search engine marketing. If you want your website to rank high in the major search engines, keyword research and analysis is utmost important.

Without doing the proper keyword research and analysis before starting a new website will doom your website to failure. By targeting the wrong keyword phrases, your online business is doomed to fail from the very start.

So How Do You Do Keyword Research And Analysis?

Keyword Research all starts with a keyword or keyword phrase that describe your website or business online. From there, you need to expand on the keyword to get a list of related keywords. At this point, the more the better.

It is important the list of keywords you come up with are those keywords people are typing in the search engines. You want a list of keywords that match what people are searching for in the search engines. Most keyword research tools will provide you with data for each keyword you choose such as how many people search for that keyword each month.

Once you compiled the list of keywords, it’s time to do keyword analysis. For this, you need to know another key piece of data. The competition. It means for a given keyword, how many other websites have the same keyword phrases on your webpage.

Usually, if a webpage is “optimized” for high search engine ranking, the keyword phrase will appear in the title page at least. Other things can include the keyword phrase in the h1 heading and in the first and last paragraph of the webpage.

So if you want the search the competition for a given keyword, all you need to do is type in the keyword in quotes into google, yahoo and MSN and you will know roughly the amount of competition.

Most modern keyword tools will automatically determine the competition for each keyword for you.

One basic principle in search engine marketing always applies for me. It is always easier to reach number one for a keyword which has less competition than to compete against millions of webpages.

As you can see, keyword research and analysis can be tedious and time consuming. Luckily most modern keyword research tools can do the same thing a lot faster.

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