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Issues Related With Low-cost Internet hosting Plans

Problems Associated With Cheap Hosting Plans

Every customer when making a purchase hopes to get the value they paid for. Things are no different when users are shopping for a web hosting plan. These days, users are spoiled for choice as there are so many types of hosting plans out there and most of them are available at rock bottom prices. These cheap price tags attract the attention of many customers as they promise a lot of features for a small price. However, some of these cheap hosting plans may not be worth the few dollars saved.

One of the most common problems faced by users of cheap hosting plans is the poor performance. As most service providers tend to use cheap hardware to run their operations, the performance provided to its users will be mediocre at best. The server’s performance might continue to deteriorate as the server increases the amount of websites it hosts. As a result, the users will end up with a slow site. Visitors to these sites will find that it will take a very long time to load these sites and it could be really frustrating for them. Some customers may never return again if the site’s performance is really bad.

Aside from a slow site, many users face the problem of constant downtime as well. Basically, when your site is experiencing downtime, visitors won’t be able to visit your site. Instead of displaying your site’s contents, an error page will be displayed instead. This problem stems from the fact that cheap hardware was used to run the server. This problem will persist more often if the number of sites on the server continues to increase. However, if you search carefully, there are cheap hosting companies out there that offer 99.9% uptime.

Spamming is another common occurrence associated with cheap hosting plans. Most spammers choose cheap hosting plans to run their operations due to the low cost. As such, they will run hundreds of their websites on the server. These spamming websites usually get reported and they are usually banned by search engines. Since it is hosted on a shared server, any site hosted on the same server shares the same IP address. This means, if you happen to share a server with a spamming website that gets banned, your site will be banned as well. This can be a very costly problem if you running an online business.

As mentioned above, there are quite a number of problems that may arise from using a cheap hosting plan. You should consider these issues carefully before you sign up for it. If you are planning to host an online business site, perhaps you should consider a more reliable hosting plan. However, if you prefer to start with a cheap hosting plan, you should opt for reliable hosting company to avoid any of these problems.

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