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Is A Mantis Tiller The Proper Backyard Cultivator For You?

Is A Mantis Tiller The Right Garden Cultivator For You?

Are you looking at the Mantis tiller cultivator and wondering whether it is the right garden equipment for you to buy? This is not a cheap tiller so understandably it is right to consider whether it is both right for your garden and that the quality matches the price.

Why Buy a Garden Tiller?

The traditional way to prepare soil, whether that is for a new garden or perhaps preparing soil for vegetable garden planting, is the back breaking method of using a garden spade and garden fork followed by raking if and when the rough dug soil has broken down. This is still a very good method of soil preparation, getting your garden soil ready for planting or landscaping but anyone who has clay soil, a larger than average garden plot or not the strongest back will tell you that there has to be a better way.

A garden tiller takes much of that hard work out of the equation. There is still effort involved in controlling a rotary tiller so do not buy Mantis or any other make of tiller thinking it will make soil preparation a stroll around the garden!

Apart from less strain on the gardener’s body the biggest benefit gained from using tillers and cultivators is time. You can be talking about hours rather than days to complete your soil preparation and, it seems in the modern day, time is always at a premium.

What to Look For When Choosing a Mini Tiller

It goes without saying that you are buying your mini tiller to make your gardening jobs easier. This in itself suggests that it must be lightweight to make it easy to maneuver but at the same time be powerful enough to cut into and break down a clay soil.

The tines must be strong and guaranteed not to break in the heaviest soil conditions.

Also look at the depth that the tines dig down, it is no use having something that just disturbs the top of the soil. Preferably the cultivator should be leaving your garden soil with a good enough tilthe for seed sowing and planting apart from perhaps raking level.

Why Choose a Mantis Tiller?

Let us look at the Mantis 4 Stroke Tiller.

The features and benefits of owning and using this mini tiller are:

Lightweight construction

Incredibly lightweight at 24 pounds or 11kg. Easy to carry to your garden or allotment.

Unique serpentine tines

Soil preparation is easy using these specially designed tines, resulting in a fine texture (tilthe) ready for planting or seed sowing. The bonus is that these tines are guaranteed for life against breakage, that is how confident Mantis are about their product.

Tills to a depth of 10 inch.


Five years warranty plus the above mentioned lifetime tines guarantee.

Fold Down Handles

Fold down handles make both carriage and storage so much easier. How much room have you got spare in your garden shed?


4 stroke Honda engine.

An easy to start engine with the advantage over 2 stroke engines that there is no messy mixing of oil and no danger of getting the mix wrong!

Gear Box

A one piece cast gearbox that Mantis claim is virtually indestructible. Sure that many of the more than a million users have tried their best to prove them wrong

Speed Control and Shut-off Switch

The control enables variable speed usage and also has provision for a fast shut off.


Comfortable grips are built into the tiller which is an essential benefit for long period usage and when working stony soil.


Mantis figures suggest that you should be able to weed a 40ft by 30ft garden in 20 minutes.


There are additional tools that can be purchased to enhance the usage of your garden tiller.

At the time of writing the Mantis 4-Stroke Tiller / Cultivator is being offered with a free border edger and free kickstand.

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