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How to Make Online Shopping Safe – Easy Tips for Girls Who Love Online Shopping

Shopping online has become the most popular way to kill time and also cut down family costs. However, most girls don’t know how to protect their shopping account from viruses and other dangerous threats. In the following article, I will share some tips on how to make online shopping safe.

Only visit sites that you believe.

Only visit sites that you believe. In another word, you should only visit those authentic websites, such as Amazon, eBay, MakeUpAlley and so on. Authentic online shops have perfect system on protecting your account, password and private information.

Authentic websites also have higher reputation and popularity. If you find any products which are not qualified, they will always return your money and offer good costume services.

Check the URL before you click it.

When we are chatting with the online shopkeepers, usually we will ask them to recommend the most suitable products for us because they know their products much better than us. When they are sending URLs to you, pay attention to them and check twice before you really click them.

Perhaps some girls think it’s too troublesome, but actually it’s necessary indeed.

Remember to change your password.

Remember to change your password from time to time. Usually I will change my password every 3 months. My password is usually made up by a group of numbers and my nick name because only my dad and mom know it.

When you are thinking of new password, don’t use your birthday or your boyfriend’s birthday numbers, which are too easy to be let out. After you have set the new password, try to remember it and DO NOT write it down; most of girls would write their passwords down in case that they can’t remember them. However, it’s very dangerous.

Be careful when the price is too low.

Girls love comparing prices before they finally make the decision and most of them think the cheaper, the better. Actually, we don’t suggest buy items which are extremely cheap. You should try to select those items with normal prices and be never greedy.

Avoid using public computers or connection.

This is simple. When you are using a computer, everything you do will leave some traces. The hackers will find them even you have already deleted the traces, which is very riskful to your accounts.

Check the reputation before you buy.

Before you buy, please check the reputation of the shop. Reputation is extremely important for online shops. Some online shops might fake good reputation to attract more customers; some online shops might even fake trade records for higher popularity.

Get professional security software to protect your accounts.

If you want professional protection for shopping online, my suggestion is you get reliable security software from popular software developers who have high reputation and satisfactory qualities.

Generally speaking, good security software is easy to use and has friendly interface. It’s essential especially for girls because few of us know much about software.

Usually we should pay for good security software. However, some developers will provide free versions, you can download them and have a try before you make the final decision.

Above all are my tips for safe online shopping and I hope they can help you, girls.


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