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How to Keep Safe Using Power Tools


For anyone using power tools having the correct safety equipment and being aware of safety procedures when using power tools is important. Power tools are very dangerous if you are not aware of the safety measures involved when using them. You need to be focused when using power tools, as unlike hand tools power tools can keep going when you don’t want them to. Here are some essential factors beginners and general users need to take into account.

The first thing to sort out is to firstly carry a first aid kit with you when working with power tools. It is essential in your workshop to have one close by as you are bound to injure yourself in some way and even if it is something like a cut it is best to have first aid close by.

You should keep your eyes safe by wearing protective eye gear. Goggles are important to prevent any loose dust or debris damaging your eyes. This debris usually comes at you fast and so sawdust from wood can be flung directly into your eye and in some cases can be permanently lodged there. That is why goggles are an important piece of safety equipment you should wear when working with these types of tools.

Ears also need protecting when using loud noisey tools. The sound of power tools, especially notoriously loud ones like drills, can seriously damage your hearing if you are right next to them and are not wearing any protective foam ear plugs. These ear plugs do not cost very much and should be worn to reduce high decibel levels from noisy tools.

A good piece of equipment to protect you from flying debris is a particle mask. This is particularly good to stop you inhaling the dust that comes from cutting wood. The particle mask is also important as it prevents dust from reaching your nose or going into your mouth and the mask should filter any debris you may inhale.

Protective gloves are also a must. Make sure too there is no clothing you are wearing that could potentially get caught in the equipment. The need to protect your fingers is crucial as there are many common accidents where people have accidentally cut their finger off due to a distraction or a lack of concentration. You also need to protect fingers by making sure they are in no contact with any blades, and this can be done by making sure the blades are no longer active when finished. This can also be helped by leaving on safety control settings that some power tools have.

There are other simple ways to keep safe using power tools. Wearing long sleeved shirts can protect arms and close tied shoes that could protect against any falling heavy objects. You should have a phone handy should you have an accident and need to go to hospital. Another essential tip is to make sure that you actually spend time learning how to use the equipment. It will not hurt to take time out and read the instructions on how to use each piece of equipment. For general safety precautions make sure tools are put away safely and nothing is left sticking out or loose on the floor.

These essential tips and tools will keep you safe when working. By protecting eyes, ears, face, having first aid close by, wearing gloves and being aware of how to use the power tool effectively you can feel safer when using power tools.


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