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How to Cross Dress – 4 Top Cross Dressing Tips For Transgender People

Crossdressing is becoming ever more popular and accepted within today’s more modern and accepting society. However, for the majority of crossdressers and transgender people it is very important to not only dress in women’s clothes but to totally pass as a member of the opposite sex without any question. If you’re like me, when I first started out, it was hard to be recognised and even laughed at behind my back as a man dressing as a woman. Therefore, I took steps to learn how to cross dress and develop my crossdressing techniques, cross dressing tips, new tricks to pass and feminization methods so that no one could even tell that I wasn’t a genetic woman.

I have now developed cross dressing techniques to pass fully 100% as a genetic female even though I was once a man, you can to if you follow some of my tried, tested and proven methods.

Firstly, you must learn to dress appropriately within certain limits and follow a general dress code that any other female would follow for example a shopping trip, a night out or travelling and do not overdress for a casual outgoing or overdress for a night out on the tiles. I have developed my dressing skills over many years having studied female dressing and this enable you to not stand out from the crowd, but hold on – you can tweak it to stand out for only the right reasons.

Developing a good dress sense through following general fashion trends and this does not mean having to spend a lot on clothes in fact charity shops are very good for cross dressers but you have to be careful not to buy clothes that are either too young or too old for you. You can find many high street and online shops to get your cross dressing supplies and generally they are very friendly and staff are helpful.

Knowing your dress size and body shape is also very important, when learning how to cross dress, and having dress and shoes size information at hand saves humiliation when shopping and also enables you to buy clothes that can fool the eye into making you look slimmer and more feminine. However if you do not have any idea of style or how to cross dress convincingly and credible you may fall into the trap of buying clothes that can make you look bigger than you are or indeed look more masculine.

So what cross dressing traps should I then avoid?

Buying shoes that are too big or too small just because you like them a lot and you don’t normally see shoes in a large size so you think you can cram into a smaller size. Seeing a pair of sexy boots at the charity shop and buying them in such a rush you don’t try them on because you are scared that someone will think you are buying them for yourself.

Wearing too much makeup or foundation of the wrong shade for your skin tone should be avoided at all costs. Remember, that some women wear too much makeup and I am sure you would agree it can make them both very obvious and look like they should be a drag act on stage – avoid too much makeup at all costs. It is not very difficult to get really good makeup and cosmetics for crossdressing and transgender but you do have to know where to go to get them – there are many online resources for CD/TV/TS cross dressers makeup and cosmetic products you just need to know where to look to get them, so how about more information on learning how to cross dress, well please read on.



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