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How Search Engines Can Profit From Social Bookmarking

How Search Engines Can Benefit From Social Bookmarking

How Search Engines Can Benefit From Social Bookmarking

In this day and age of information technology, social bookmarking is fast becoming a household name because of its functionality. More and more Web users are, in fact, starting to see the advantages of using Web sites that offer bookmarking services. As opposed to the conventional way of launching a search — via search engines, bookmarking sites allow people to stumble on the most useful of resources at an amazingly shorter period of time.

Before delving into the possible benefits that search engines may derive from social bookmarking, you should at least find out how the system of bookmarking Web pages operates. This way, it would be a lot easier to conceive of the huge advantages of integrating such efficient schemes into a standard search engine.

The Definition

Social bookmarking, in essence, makes it possible for Web users to search, store, organize and share bookmarks of various Web sites. This can be carried out privately (within private networks), publicly, or through a mishmash of both setups. On top of that, people who are permitted to look at the bookmarks have the option to view such tags by means of an assortment of different functions used to categorize and tag them.

Most Web sites that supply bookmarking services would egg you on to categorize your bookmarks using informal tags. The bookmarks can then be viewed along with their connections to the tag, as well as a few pieces of information about the people that tagged those particular Web sites. A number of services even feature RSS feeds for their catalogs that will automatically inform you every time a new bookmark is tagged, saved or shared.

The tagging and categories employed in social bookmarking is called external Meta data. It is considered to be of enormous benefit in Search Engine Optimization (seo) since the owners of the Web site don’t manage the information utilized in bookmarking; instead, the data are kept in the public domain.

Giving Search Engines A Boost

Monitoring the services offered by social bookmarking Web sites can substantially help search engines in the following ways:

* Defining Quality — Every time a person takes the time to tag a Web site, it usually possesses a certain degree of quality.

* Faster Indexing — Humans bookmark Web pages dug up by their contacts long before a search engine bot can become aware of them.

* External Meta Data — Web users are given the chance to bookmark pages using keywords and descriptions that are impartial.

* Co-citation — Social bookmarking Web sites have a tendency to sort out pages and sites based on tags and descriptions that are created and used by people, thus search algorithms can categorize these Web sites with their colleagues.

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