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Hostiety- The Ultimate Destination For Web Hosting Services

If you are searching for a way to serve content on the Internet, the various Internet hosting services available today may be just the solution you are looking for. In a virtual market flooding with different Internet hosting services, Hostiety is one of the most prominent ones. Using Hostiety, users can store information, videos and images in online websites whenever they want. Established in 2005, Hostiety began as a freelance operation, which, over time, transformed into a full fledged hosting service provider. Hostiety is always ready to offer you the best web hosting services available in the virtual domain. Equipped with automated systems and effectual price controlling provisions, Hostiety today enjoy an enviable position in the web hosting market. Similar to a data canter, Hostiety offers its clients server space and Internet connectivity. The web page and file hosting services available will cater for your uploading, File Transfer Protocol and Web interface requirements. Whereas, in most cases, files are delivered to the web without any change, in certain files, minor processing is required before further delivery. In order to assist you in presenting the very best personal WebPages, Hostiety offers you some exclusive web hosting packages, in which database support and application improvement platforms form some of the chief aspects. These help in dealing with multifaceted websites and writing and installing scripts for forums and content management become a much easier job. Hostiety has 2 Intel Xeon processor-running servers, each with minimum 1 GB memory and operate on SCSI hard drives. These are capable of hosting your website with full competence and efficiency. Rest assured at Hostiety you will get the best network connections and in case you face any problem, you are always free to call or chat with our live technical support experts. Services provided at Hostiety have their own price but you can rest assured that the quality of service you get is going to be worth every penny. If you need to get some points clarified or need personal attention in specific sectors Hostiety also welcomes personal discussions regarding its services.

The 500MB of web space and 5000MB data transfer per month indicate Hostiety’s quality infrastructure. If your website surpasses the monthly transfer limit you don’t pay any additional charges. This unrestricted amount of transfer is really one of the unique advantages Hostiety can offer. While at Hostiety you can reap a number of value added services, if you would rather go for some customized packages, you can always specify your requirements via e-mail. As payments are accepted through credit cards or pay pal, you can carry out your financial transactions by the method suiting you best.

For owners of single websites the Shared hosting plans of Hostiety would fit the bill best as these sites require to be flexible and are often accompanied by strong features. This type of shared web hosting service is also known as virtual hosting service. Among the entire web hosting services, virtual web hosting services are the most economical ones. As many users share this service, the system administration plays a central part in it. In the shared hosting service provided by Hostiety, management of the server, installing server software and carrying out regular security updates form some of the chief aspects of this service.

As Linux is used for creating the control panel, Linux operating systems are used as the primary base of the server. Limitless POP3 accounts, FTP accounts, mySQL databases and Fantastico Deluxe software packages are some of the fundamental characteristics of Web Hosting accounts.

The high-tech Dual Xeon server of Hostiety gives your sites instantaneous backups. With a single click of the mouse and you can install more than 52 scripts in the industry-famous control panel. This graphical web-oriented management tool plays a significant role in administering websites. The trouble-free interface of Hostiety further helps in this regard. Quite a few RPM-based Linux distributions like SUSE, FreeBSD, Fedora, cAos; Mandriva, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are used for running the software at Hostiety. For an SSL version, ports 2082 and 2083 are the usual access points of cPanel. The Web Host Manager of our advanced cPanel will help you to generate unrestricted hosting accounts. If you have more than a single website to host, the Reseller hosting can prove to be more economic for you. Here, as an account owner, you can resell web hosting by dividing the prearranged hard drive space and bandwidth. If you are a web consultant, web designer, web developers or system integration company owners, then the reseller web hosting services will definitely prove beneficial for you. Being a reseller entitles you to create your own packages and set their prices and in addition, you can also act as a separate hosting organization. It’s up to you whether you are going to tell your customers about your reselling tactics. As web hosting provider, Hostiety gives you approximately 50% off on the cost of a reseller web hosting account. So, if you have little knowledge of web hosting services, going for Hostiety would definitely be a good bet. Maintenance of web server services and tasks regarding preservation are not required at Hostiety. In case any technical problem like a slow server or access trouble arises, Hostiety will sort it out for you as soon as possible. You can keep your total collected amount if you avail the reseller hosting plans of Hostiety. The reseller hosting account control panel, known as Web Host Manager, allows you to create accounts of your customers. You can do so by simply clicking the ‘create’ button after filling in the necessary account information. Thus, the customers’ accounts get set with the cpanel or control panel. After logging into the cpanel, your customers can create subdomains, insert e-mail addresses, change passwords and make other changes they feel necessary.

Just like many other major hosting service providers, Hostiety offer you 99.9% uptime. With duration of 8 hours 46 minutes, the trustworthy network of Hostiety comprises of some of the highest quality appliances such as Dell, Intel, Cisco, Juniper and CentOS Linux. No matter what your specific requirements are, you are guaranteed to get the best network infrastructure here. The present server of Hostiety is situated in Hetzner datacenter in Germany. Spirit, Level 3, UUNET, Broadwing, AT&T, Verio, AboveNet, Time Warner, Allegience Telecom and Global Crossing form part of Hostiety’ 11 separate tier-1 backbone providers. Whereas, the data center staff of Hostiety keeps an eye on your site-operated network, Alertra acts as your 3rd party vigilance company. The company heads of Hostiety always strive to provide you easy and trouble-free web hosting services.

Most people visiting Hostiety’s website either opt for a potent shared hosting account or a private label reseller hosting. At Hostiety you always get the chance to realize new potentials. While you can resell a good hosting account even at $19.95, you can also get technical support tickets anytime you require. State of the art cPanel, useful Fantastico, the latest anti-spam software, MySQL Databases, required Sub domains, PHP, E-mail accounts, Custom Error Pages, Raw Access Logs, Perl and 24 hours technical support for 7 days a week are some of the chief features of all packages proffered by Hostiety. In November 2006, Hostiety have also introduced a brand new web-hosting package where you can avail 500 MB web space, 20 mailboxes, limitless bandwidth, total FTP admittance and virus scanned e-mail alerts at a monthly subscription rate of $1.5. Your account setting will be initiated just after receiving the payment. However, make sure your e-mail address is different from that of your signed up domains. As strict checks are conducted for checking any type of fraudulence, any kind of misinformation can lead to the cessation of your account. Although a transfer process cannot be guaranteed, the team members of Hostiety will try as far as possible for transferring your site to its own domain. The entire service network of Hostiety abides by the rules and regulations of web hosting. Violation of any kind of copyright or trademark is strictly prohibited. In case you get across any case of infringement, you can e-mail regarding the same immediately. At Hostiety’s website, you will get to view the various steps that you have to incorporate in your e-mail. In case of a licensing issue you may need to provide further documents. At Hostiety, unwanted e-mail, Spam and bulk mails are never never entertained. Spam incorporates ‘safe lists’ and ‘double opt-in’. Whereas, all payments are required to be done in advance, Hostiety reserves the authorities to change the monthly amounts of payment at any time they feel the requirement to do so. In case any kind of verbal or written abuse to our staff force is noted, the relevant person’s account can be terminated immediately without prior notification. In case of any infringement of the terms and conditions set by Web Hosting’s authorities, the customer is barred from receiving any refunds.


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