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HostGator for VPS Internet hosting

What Are the Advantages of Using a VPS?

HostGator for VPS Hosting

Businesses that need VPS hosting can look to HostGator to find several plans available to suit their business needs. When a business needs to bridge their servers and shared hosting, this is when they will use a VPS hosting company. Small to large businesses can read HostGator reviews to find out about the benefits of this service. There are nine levels that people can choose from for VPS hosting. The hosting company provides enough options to satisfy every business’ hosting needs.

IT professionals will use HostGator VPS hosting as an easy way to manage their servers and VPS applications. Businesses can upgrade their plan as their business expands. The HostGator reviews talk about the full root access to install customized and advanced software that the business needs. People can customize their VPS as if it was their own server. This is a good benefit for business owners who do not want to own a VPS server, but need one to operate their business.

The software is easy to use, and it offers an optional control panel for easy control of the VPS server. The hosting company also provides a free firewall with every VPS plan that a business chooses. Upgrading is easy, with the new kernelless upgrading feature that the hosting company offers to their customers. Business owners can build their own website or they can choose a template from the many templates the hosting company has to offer. They also offer a variety of scripts that are easy to install on websites.

The hosting company also offers a Gigabit uplink with a guaranteed connection, and multiple layers of security for networks. They have a network of internet provides to choose from, and have a backup system for business networks. They use HVAC systems, backup generators, and an excellent data center to make sure there is little to no server downtime. Companies will receive customized hardware specifications, excellent server hardware, and fault-tolerant and enterprise hard drives.

Every VPS account comes with unlimited domains, weekly backup, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited sub-domains, and free site-building software. The company also provides full root access, private names for servers, unlimited FTP accounts, and unlimited SQL. People can register a new domain for a small fee, or transfer an existing one to the hosting company without cost. There are three control panel options people to run their VPS hosting server account. In the nine plans, owners can pick a semi-managed account or a fully managed VPS account.

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