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Host a Brown Bag Wine Tasting Get together and Uncover the Greatest Low-cost Wine

Host a Brown Bag Wine Tasting Party and Discover the Best Cheap Wine

You can live life on a budget and still throw a great party!

The budget friendly benefits of hosting a Brown Bag Wine Tasting Party:

You and your guests will learn to be cheap wine connoisseurs – not all cheap wines are created equal!

You and your guests will know which cheap wines to buy and to avoid!

A Brown Bag Wine Tasting Party requires very little preparation or expense!

Here’s how a Brown Bag Wine Tasting Party works:

  • 10 – 12 guests is ideal. This party is fun for a girls night or for couples.
  • Ask each guest or couple to bring a cheap bottle of wine ($10 or less) wrapped in a brown paper bag.
  • Number each brown bag.
  • Put the red wines on one table, and the white wines on another.
  • Keep the party food simple – cheese and crackers.
  • Give each guest a scorecard where they will rate the wines on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the best! Allow room for comments.
  • Encourage guests to try a sampling of each wine unless you’re hosting a really big party, and in that case, you would be an irresponsible host! If there are too many bottles of wine, suggest they sample either just the reds or just the whites.
  • Don’t forget a dump bucket, just in case!
  • At the end of the evening, collect the scorecards and total the score for each wine.
  • Reveal the winning red wine and the winning white wine, and have a small prize for the guests that brought the best cheap wine – The Cheap Wine Connoisseur award! Prize idea: a fun painted wine glass can be purchased for less than $5 at discount stores.
  • Unwrap the second place cheap wine, third place cheap wine, and so on. Add to the entertainment by reading some of the comments!
  • Consider giving the Rock Gut Guru Award to the guest that brought the least favorite cheap wine! Prize idea: a rock inscribed with the words Rock Gut Guru

Go have some cheap fun this weekend, and please click on the title of this article to share your favorite cheap wines!

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