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Guys, Here is 2 Excessive Seduction Strategies For 100% Success – Assured

Guys, Here's 2 Extreme Seduction Methods For 100% Success - Guaranteed

Guys, Here’s 2 Extreme Seduction Methods For 100% Success – Guaranteed

Contrary to what the vast majority of guys think, you do not actually need to have a lot of money or be overly attractive in order to seduce women. If you think like what most guys do, then you are making grave mistake.

You need to realize that with the right methods and strategies you should be able to seduce just about any woman you fancy. Stop believing that hot women are out of your league – and read these two extremely effective methods which are sure to help you succeed in seducing women.

2 Seduction Methods For 100% Success – Guaranteed

Method # 1 – “Low Frequency”. The way you speak is much more important than you might think. If you come across as squeaky, a woman is going to think that you are being cowardly and nervous – she will be turned off right away.

You should learn to speak in a deep voice and with a smooth tone. Also, your voice should also come across as natural. If you have any issues with your voice, you could consider getting voice training which will help you to overcome any issues.

Method # 2. “Covert Hypnosis”. There is one deadly effective method that is effective virtually every single time. This method, fractionation as it is called, can overpower virtually any weaknesses that you might have. Any shortcomings will be quashed by this extremely powerful method of seduction.

Fractionation is an application of hypnosis in seduction. As such, it is akin to hacking into a woman’s mind and programming her in such a way that she gets highly attracted to you. This is done by sending her on an emotional roller-coaster so that she gets emotionally addicted to you. In the end, she would do just about anything for you.

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