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Green Light Laser Prostate Cancer Treatment

For all men, once we reach the age of 40, the risk of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), more commonly referred to as the enlargement of the prostate gland, increases. — As much as we would like to dismiss the reality, we cannot. We can, however, have hope due to the incredible advancements in BPH treatment such as Green Light Laser Prostate treatment (sometimes referred to as PVP, or photovaporization of the prostate).

With this new and highly-effective method of treating BPH, men worldwide can now enjoy a much more-effective treatment than previous laser methods. In addition, Green Light Laser Prostate treatment carries fewer risks and complications than previously-used BPH treatments.

The focus of this article will highlight these three powerful benefits in closer detail; thus shedding new light on an age-old condition.

A More-Effective Treatment:

When compared to other laser-based BPH treatments, such as Interstitial laser therapy (Indigo) and Holmium laser therapy (Lumenis), PVP treatment is much more effective due to the increased power of the laser being used (120 watts).

This increase in power allows surgeons to literally vaporize the excess prostate tissue obstructing the bladder.

Lower-powered lasers are not as effective at removing as much of the enlarged prostate tissues and are therefore less effective.

Fewer Risks than Other Treatments:

Another reason to opt for Green Light Laser Prostate treatment is that it brings with it far fewer risks often associated with other forms of treatment.

By using the laser technology, risks such as intra-operative and post-operative bleeding, having to use a catheter for more than 24 hours, and post-operative bladder-neck contraction are virtually eliminated.

Most of the above-mentioned surgical risks are commonly associated with other forms of BPH treatment such as microwave and TURP treatments.

Fewer Complications and Side Effects than Other Treatments:

In addition to having fewer overall surgical risks, PVP treatment has also been noted to have much fewer post-operative complications and side effects.

Some of the most common complications attributed to other forms of BPH treatment are longer hospital stays (1-3 days in most cases); retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and incontinence have been witnessed to a much lesser degree with PVP treatment.

For example, most PVP patients spend less than 1 day in the hospital, and even though some the above-mentioned complications can occur, they are the lesser rather than the norm.

In Conclusion:

It’s often been said that every man will experience BPH at some point in life. The question remains, however, on what type of treatment each will choose.

The facts are in. And Green Light Laser Prostate treatment is the most advanced, effective, and offers the least amount of risk of all other BPH treatments.


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