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Google Me – What Comes Up When Somebody Searches Your Title?

Google Me – What Comes Up When Someone Searches Your Name?

Have you “Googled” someone to find out what comes up? Do you think anyone has “Googled” you? If you have been marketing on or offline for awhile don’t be surprised if you have been “Googled” more than you think! Do you care what people find out about you?

Have you Googled yourself yet? Have you posted in any forums, blogs and such? Stop, run and check. What did you find out? Interesting, huh?

When I first did this a few years ago I thought it was real interesting! There were some forum postings besides my website links. After I wrote a couple articles it was more interesting since the articles were being picked up by other websites together with my resource box. It was funny when I had someone Google my name (while I was standing there) and they exclaimed “ohhhh you are famous!” Not quite, but it was impressive.

Have you noticed the so called gurus have their names all over. They want their market to know who they are. They are branding themselves. Those who read what they have to say can then decide if this coincides with their own beliefs and needs. Many get to know like and trust them, purchase from them and then dub them “gurus”. Google anyone of their names and look at the entries.

If you are online, want to be successful and want to remain anonymous you may find it difficult to do so. People usually purchase from people or companies that they get to know, like and trust. Hiding behind a cyberwall does not build credibility. Name branding and credibility then should be top priority on your agenda.

So then how do you improve your credibility? How do you make sure when someone “Googles” your name good things appear. Join content sites: social networking, forums, article and video directories and such. Before you hit submit when entering content on these sites remember what your mom (oh my mom said this but maybe yours did too!) said… “If you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say it”. Offer value.

Remember what you say is a reflection on you. When others read what you write what do you think they will see? How will you be remembered? Does this fit with the picture you want for others to have of you? If you are not sure you may want to ask someone to give you their opinion before submitting and leaving your mark in cyberspace.

You can make a difference in your life. You can shine your star. Why not start today!

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