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Get well RAW Drive – RAW File System Restoration Resolution

Recover RAW Drive – RAW File System Recovery Solution

Raw drive file recovery is possible. File system raw, or sometimes we call raw drive is not a Windows recognized file system. It is an error that your drive encounters. What’s worse, files in the drive are gone since you may notice that by right clicking the drive, it shows file system raw and disk space 0 bytes. Then where did your files go? Can you retrieve them?

Raw drive is a special file system error that is along with other possible symptoms like “disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”, chkdsk is not available for raw drives, sector not fond, file system displayed RAW, invalid media type reading drive…

To restore files from raw drive, you can find your solution at, which provides the solution for you whenever your storage media became RAW or not readable.

SD card can become raw and not reading in computer, external hard drive can become RAW if you insert it to your PC and try to open the drive, pen drive, Maxtor hard drive, Seagate hard disk, western digital hard disk can fell into RAW file system problems.

When raw strikes hard drive partition, it may ask you to format the partition to make it recognizable disk for operating system. RAW is a system provided file for a drive, which is a last resort for all Input/Output requests needing system file support. When I/O manager calls the active filesystem to mount the hard drive volume, the RAW system file is always called last as it support all types of disks and tape media.

The truth of raw filesystem or rawdrive is the damaged or missing FAT, fat allocation table or master boot sector damaged. FAT and master boot drive is lost, damaged, corrupted by virus, software error that brings to your system, and your system cannot recognize your drive any longer. The most common file system recognized by Windows operating system or Linux system are NTFS (NTFS5, NTFS), FAT(FAT16, FAT32), EXT2,3… RAW is not the right system type, what you may do is to restore files from the raw drive.

To recover raw partition, just download the program called iCare data recovery, which provides up to date searching technology and get files from raw drive. Download a free trial of icare data recovery from and run it on Windows platform. Connect your raw drive to the system if it was an external storage media like sd card, external hard disk, pen drive, usb drive… Run “Deep Scan Recovery”, a powerful recovery module provided to search files that are lost with the in depth searching technology by scanning the data area over the FAT.

iCare data recovery is the most comprehensive data recovery utility to effectively handle the raw drive file recovery scenarios. It recover files from formerly FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 partitions and it is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Server 2008, 2003 OS.

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