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GDI Settlement Clarified

GDI Compensation Explained

GDI or Global Domains Internationals, Inc. is the official Dot WS register in the world. The company was started back 1999 by two friends Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir. The corporate headquarter are in Carlsbad California. They provide an array of services that help anyone create and develop their internet presence. The company offers an attractive affiliate program as well. I will provide a legitimate review and discuss the pros and cons of the GDI compensation plan.

Unlike the popular domain register and hosting company Go Daddy which offers their services a la carte, Global Domains Internationals offers their services in a bundled format. For $10 per month you get a domain name of your choice, 10 email accounts and a site builder package. What has attracted many to the company is a combination of this product package and its unique affiliate opportunity. Some people would refer it to a 5 tier affiliate pay plan and some would refer to it as a multi level or network marketing plan.

Pros: For this articles purpose we will look at it as a network marketing compensation plan. As a networking company, the GDI compensation plan would be considered a uni level. Of all the company’s I have reviewed it offers one the best combination of a market driven product with value and the easiest to understand commission structure. The company pays affiliates or members 5% of the monthly membership or subscription fee through 5 tiers or levels of members. The company also pays a $100 bonus in the event you refer 5 new members in a single week. It is very simple to understand and easy to share with others. This makes for one of the best combinations product to pay that I have reviewed.

Cons: The down side is that in today’s market place competition has made it more difficult for the casual networker to build this program as a business. First of all serious marketers know and understand that they can get all of the services offered in an a la carte fashion that is pick and choose. Services like Go Daddy provide the same services individually for less money. So the question must be asked what is my purpose of joining Global Domains International. Are you using GDI as a tool for your business or are trying to build a network marketing business?

Only you can answer that question. The company has had a very successful run. Now to be competitive they will have to upgrade there products and services and rely on individuals with internet advertising and marketing ability’s to move their company forward. Don’t get me wrong this a great company with a pretty good business model. But at $1.00 per person commission you better be very motivated or be in a position to attract a lot of people with some form of advertising campaign to make any serious money if that is your goal.

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