Free Leisure Weight Loss Hypnosis Script – Emotional Consuming

Free Relaxation Weight Loss Hypnosis Script – Emotional Eating

Extend your right arm out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Focus on only your arm, and my voice.

Imagine that you feel the weight leaving your arm. It becomes lighter, lighter, lighter still until your arm feels as if it is floating up, weightless, like a balloon. It is getting lighter and lighter, floating up, floating. It feels completely weightless now, like a feather in the breeze. It floats higher and higher, feeling lighter and lighter. Floating higher, feeling weightless.

Let your arm relax, feel it float back down to your lap. Now expand your focus to your whole body, listening only to me, hearing only my voice.

As your focus encompasses your whole body, you feel it getting lighter. Your whole body is feeling lighter, lighter, the weight is leaving your body.

Your head feels light. Your shoulders feel light. Your arms, your legs, and now your torso feels light. Your whole body feels lighter, becoming weightless.

You feel yourself floating up, as soft as a breeze. Let yourself feel weightless. You feel your body rising higher and higher, floating lightly up, feeling even lighter.

As you float here, think about how good you will feel when your body is so much lighter after losing all of the excess weight that you want to lose.

Your mind can be completely at ease, relaxed and calm. Comfortable, with an inner peace. Time stretches, lengthening. Time slows, it has no meaning here. There are no worries in this place.

You feel your mind more and more relaxed, calm and content. As calm as a placid pond. Calm contentment surrounds you, seeps into you. Your worries are all leaving you, floating away on a breeze. You feel so good, so relaxed, and nothing matters here. There is nothing here to bother you.

You find yourself feeling like you don’t care about anything right now, it’s just nice to be so at ease, so relaxed, just breathing calmly and feeling very good. You feel more and more at ease, like you are floating along without a care. Time seems so slow, so slow. There is no pressure here, just calm. Calm and all the time you could ever need.

Your mind becomes more and clearer, like a cool, blue, cloudless sky. No worries here, nothing but a peaceful calm. You have time to relax here, feeling calm, feeling completely at ease. Content and relaxed, like falling asleep in a comfortable place. You feel more and more calm, more relaxed. There is so much time to relax.

You can come back here, to this place of peace and calm any time. Just tell yourself, “I can be relaxed now. I can be at peace within myself. I can feel good, at ease and calm”. Any time you need them, you can hear these words. You can feel relaxed, content, completely at ease at any time.

Beginning right now, any time you feel anxious or troubled, any time you eat a meal, you will hear again in your mind, “I can be relaxed now. I can be at peace within myself. I can feel good, at ease and calm”. You will be able to speak the words, and hear them echo in your mind.

You can relax easily, feel the troubles melt away from your mind and body. All you feel is calm, content, relaxed. You can feel this way any time, doing any activity. You can feel this way at work, at home, any place. Any time.

You can feel the calm, good feelings come back to you as you repeat the words.

Beginning right now, your life can be changed. You will want to live a new life, with a new appreciation of everything, a new outlook on everything in your life. You will be able to see beauty and happiness in your surroundings. You will have a keen awareness, a new enjoyment of life, being able to live in the moment. You will feel happy to be alive, to experience life in this new way. Your senses come alive, making life better. Every day beginning now, you are more aware, still relaxed, still calm, but happier. Always feeling full of life and finding happiness in life.

Beginning now, you will drift through life, like floating on a gentle river, flowing easily along with everything in life. Easier and easier every day, no troubles. You will be able to face life with ease, your mind relaxed, taking on problems as they come, with a relaxed mind. You are able to drift along with the problems, they can’t stop you. You move along with them, figuring them out as you continue to drift along, still relaxed.

Beginning now, let your hunger drift with you. Acknowledge it, and know that it is okay to feel hunger. Let yourself feel confident, at ease, and know that you have food stored in your body, waiting and wanting to be used up. Know that you do not need any food unless it is mealtime, feel safe and happy knowing that you have what you need and your body will take care of you.

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