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Free Area Parking Service

Advantages and Disadvantages of Parked Domains

Free Domain Parking Service

OK let’s start with the basics of what is a free domain parking service.

Very simply put this service is where you own a domain name or names and park them on a parking companies website. You use their server to host your names on (this does not cost you anything to do) and show adverts on your landing page. When a user clicks on a advert which is on your landing page you get a percentage of the revenue earned for that click.

So what do I need to start using a domain parking company?

You need a website address; you can register one with one of the many registrars online. It is best if possible though to possibly buy one that was once used like a expired domain name or dropped one as people often call them, Why is that? Well it will already have traffic and more traffic means more people will land on your site and more people are likely to click on the adverts shown.

Once you have your domain name you will need to start making a landing page. Sounds more complicated than it is, also the better domain parking companies have online tools for you to use to help you create a dynamic page within minutes, and I have recommended a company to use at the end of this article for your parking needs.

Make your landing page rich with content about the subject that is related to your names traffic source. So as an example if the traffic is related to mobile phones, make a landing page packed with text and information related to mobile phones, and add nice graphics this helps also. Again choose your keywords of the adverts to show up on your page. If we use the above example our keywords would be mobile phones and this in turn will show adverts related to mobile phones, which is perfect as your domain names traffic is mobile phone related and people who visit your site will be expecting to see content related to mobile phones.

This is the basic principles to start using a free domain parking service they key to being successful in this market is to try it yourself, It works well and can earn you a vast amount of money.

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