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Fast Rising Band Q Public, Delivers Great Music To The Masses

fast rising band Q public, is without question, one of the hottest, the brightest shining stars on the rise on the horizon of the music industry today, and is considered the band to watch on the fast track to success. Anyone who has ever heard Q Public’s latest ‘must have’ CD release, “Bedroom Light” on Atomic K Records, (and who hasn’t?), can easily figure out the reason for this outstanding band’s immense popularity, that is capturing the attention of fans both nationally and worldwide, as well as capturing the attention of ‘the powers that be’ within the music industry alike.

Besides the fact that every track on their latest CD is radio hit quality material, besides the fact that every song on this stellar CD is original and jam packed full of dynamics and nuances like a thrill ride on a musical roller coaster, and besides the fact that the quality of musicianship and vocal performances on every song of this outstanding CD are totally tight and brilliantly executed; the real element for the success of this great band and their latest CD release, is the immense amount of broad marketing appeal this CD offers; as Q Public has mastered the true art of making music for the masses. (Perhaps that is why the band’s name is Q Public.) In their latest CD, “Bedroom Light”,

Q Public is the band that has finally built a sturdy musical bridge between the genres of Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Pop, and beyond, creating a signature sound that appeals to listeners of a broader age range than most artists, of many genres, and can fit into a broad spectrum of radio formats.

I knew from the moment I first heard Q Public, from both the perspective of both an avid music lover and as a music industry executive, (Owner and Vice President of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions and as a Booking Agent for T&T Management and Booking Agency), that I had discovered a deep vein of musical gold in Q Public, (as any sane music industry exec would.) The more I listened, the more I liked them, and like a musical drug, it wasn’t long before I was completely hooked. (And I’m a pretty hard sell when it comes to music, as I get turned on to such a vast amount of it by numerous artists seeking to get their big break in the music industry.) From there, I turned on the CEO of T&T Management and Booking Agency, Tony Saldano, (who is an even harder sell), onto the music of Q Public, and we of course, offered Q Public an exclusive contract with T&T Management & Booking Agency.

In the very near future, fans can catch the sizzling and dynamic live performances of

Q Public performing along side of some of the top named headliners (amongst the hundreds), signed to T&T Management & Booking Agency’s roster, on their tour to promote their CD, “Bedroom Light”, which in my opinion, is without a doubt, one of the best CD’s I have heard all year! (And I’m not saying that because I am their Booking Agent, I’m their Booking Agent because Q Public is THAT phenomenal of a band!)

By request of fans everywhere, Q Public is receiving large amounts of airplay on mainstream, internet and college radio stations throughout the US and beyond, and gaining and maintaining a strong fan base everywhere this band is being heard, as the music of Q public has what it takes to reach the heart, minds and musical sensibilities of the most discerning of musical audiences with their ‘music for the masses’ approach. Which besides being the ultimate objective for any professional artist, it is also nothing less than marketing genius to be able to produce the caliber of music to achieve that goal. But the thing is, this just comes natural for the members of Q Public, as their music IS totally genuine as their hearts and minds IS from where their music really comes, and is their creative force, rather than being created from just a marketing ambition.

Q Public is:

Sam Underkofler- Lead Vocals and the band’s front man.

Trevor Vaughan Williams – Primary Songwriter and Guitars.

Rich Prewett – Guitars.

Galen Miller – Bass.

Jason Flinn on Drums.

Q Public’s fast rise in the music industry is gaining in altitude faster than the speed of sound, with some very impressive credits to show for it, such as being honored by VH1’s Song of the Year Contest, which benefited the Save the Music Foundation for award winning songwriting. Two of Q Public’s songs, “Shine” and “Candle” were featured the independent documentary film “Michael Moore Hates America”, and Q Public’s music was also featured in the award winning independent film “UnReal”, with a track off their debut album “Say What You Want”; (which incidentally, sold out in 6 months after it’s release, and the second printing of their first self titled CD sold out within 12 months, all from sales generated at their concerts and from internet sales.) Q Public is also licensed by MTV for use on their popular programming including their shows “The Real World” and “Road Rules”.

Q Public has received 12 awards from garage for their song “Andy”, and has been rated within the top 100 for indy Pop/ Rock and within the top 150 for alternative/rock on My Space, and was downloaded as the 3rd most popular live performance in KROC history. Q Public has performed on a number of television programs including Fox News Morning Show and KARE 11 News, and has opened for several national acts such as Hinder and Blue October. (And will be performing with many more nationally and/or world renown headliners from T&T Management & Booking Agency’s roster in the near future.)

Q Public’s music and video are available on over 100 websites for streaming or purchase including such sites as CD Baby, Itunes, Napster, Emusic, Amazon, Rhapsody and more.

We at T&T Management & Booking are proud to add Q Public to the hundreds of national and world renown headlining artists that are available on our roster, as we not only represent them, but are also fans as well of this great band that is bringing great music to the masses.

To book Q Public, please contact their Booking Agent, Laura Jenney, (that would be me with the big cheese eating grin), at or CEO Tony Saldano at



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