Easy methods to Create Primitive Stable Objects in AutoCAD

How to Create Primitive Solid Objects in AutoCAD

The basis of any AutoCAD 3D drawing are primitive solid objects. These can be created via the commands in AutoCAD or you can create your own 3D solids via other methods in AutoCAD. The solids available to create with commands in AutoCAD include:

  • Box
  • Wedge
  • Cone
  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Pyramid
  • Torus

These shapes can be combined in some way or another, using the many modify commands available in AutoCAD, to create practically any shape. So how do we use them? Let’s get started!

To create anything in 3D with these commands you must first be in 3D mode. Now, to create the box command we type BOX and hit ENTER then select the first corner, other corner and height (just like drawing a rectangle in 2D but with height).

Drawing a wedge is very similar to drawing a box (because it is basically a sliced box). We just type WEDGE and hit ENTER then we select first corner, other corner and height. With this shape the selection of where you start your first corner determines which way the slope travels, however, we can always ROTATE.

The cone is probably the easiest 3D primitive solid other than the box. For this object we just type CONE and hit ENTER then select a radius for the cone and a height. See, simple.

The sphere is created by typing SPHERE and selecting a start point and radius. The only downside to the sphere is one radius (half of sphere) will be below the plane you select and one radius will be above. To fix this just use the move command.

Cylinders are everywhere in the world and therefore everywhere in our drawings. To create one you just type CYLINDER select a start point and radius and then define a height.

The pyramid is one of the harder 3D primitives to create. The main way to do this to inscribe the sides of the base of the pyramid within a circle. This means the tips of your pyramid base are one diameter from the opposite diagonally. To create a pyramid just type PYRAMID select your start point, radius of circle to inscribe in and your height.

The last shape in this list is the torus. This shape has possibility to become many shapes. To create a torus we type the TORUS command and then select start point, radius of torus and then the radius of the outside “doughnut”.

These shapes will help you to get on your way with AutoCAD 3D drafting. You can check out the links below for a video of this tutorial and a site for more tutorials.

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