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Earning Money With Google AdSense And Blogger

The fastest way to start earning money with Google AdSense is with a blog. You can go to and setup a free blog right now in only 5 minutes. The thing is though, even though you have your own space to share ideas, you will have to find a way to drive a ton of traffic to your website.

One of the best things about using Blogger to host your blog is that Google AdSense integration is seamless. You don’t have to learn any HTML code to get started and you can start running Google AdSense ads in a matter of minutes. You will want to post to your blog everyday however to get the maximum benefit, and you will want to ping various search engine services to get your blog more exposure.

To get targeted visitors to your blog, you have a number of options. The first is article marketing. You can use article marketing to drive hordes of visitors to your blog and these targeted visitors will increase your AdSense income. One thing about article marketing is that you will have to create new content for your website – and new content for your blog. You will have to decide which one is more important and which one you will want to focus all of your energy on.

Article marketing can be the cornerstone of your business. If you’ve ever heard that content is king, then you are right and article marketing is one of the reasons because of it. To get traffic to your blog and to start earning with AdSense, you need to create traffic out of thin air and get these people to click on your ads. The best way to get people to click is with relevant content.

You have to create a strategy for how often you will want to write for your blog. You will also have to create a strategy for how often you will want to write content for the article directories. You should strive to write for the article directories everyday. This is an excellent way to get traffic to your blog and to start earning some AdSense income right away.

If you’re wondering what article directories you should submit to, here are a few that I submit to for my website:






All of these websites get tons of traffic to their website on a daily basis and you can benefit from the traffic that they’re getting. You get traffic in 2 ways from the article directories. The first way is via the search engines. A user will type a query in the search engine and your articles will appear as a result of it.

Another way you get traffic is when website owners publish your article onto their website. They keep your blog information intact and as a result of it you get traffic to your blog.

Earning a lot of money with Google AdSense will take some time but in the end you will find that it is well worth the effort. Good luck with earning money with Google AdSense and earning money with your blog.


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