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Different Energy Generator – Residential Electrical Photo voltaic Panels and Wind Generators

Alternative Power Generator – Residential Electric Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

There are plenty of alternative power generators with wind and solar power options if you are looking to use more renewable energy and lower your electricity and utility bills. Most states in the US offer tax rebates and incentives to go with green energy so you can get even more savings than just a decreased electricity bill. Each state has different programs so check before as your system may need to be installed or inspected by a professional.

If you want to use wind power for your home than a small wind turbine is the best option. Wind turbines are generally used in rural areas but they can even be used on sailboats.

You do not need huge gusts of wind to create electricity you just need a light breeze. Before you go about purchasing a turbine make sure you have a good site for it as the turbine needs to be taller than anything surrounding it. Most times you will need to have at least a 1/2 acre of land for your turbine.

Your average wind speed should be at least 9 mphs and you can check the wind in your area through the meteorological office as most will track the wind and you can get maps of wind. You want your wind turbine to be in a spot that is class one or better.

Solar power systems are found commonly at homes as they can easily be integrated into your home. The main part of the solar system is the photovoltaic cell which takes sunlight and converts its energy into electricity. Because most arrays will produce more energy than you can use will put all the extra energy into batteries or pump it back into the electrical grid, which will appear as credits on your electricity bill.

The power in the batteries can then be used to power your home at night or during low sunlight times.

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