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Defeat Stress and Discover Readability With A Guided Meditation Script

Defeat Stress and Find Clarity With A Guided Meditation Script

If you’re feeling stressed, and you need some space and clarity, few things can be better than a quick guided meditation, and the best guided meditation script is the one you make yourself. This way you can customize the wording, the flow, and even the images themselves in order to be the best fit for you. Having it custom tailored to suit you will make it that much more effective.

Meditation does quite a bit for you, as I’m pretty sure you know: A regular practice of meditation lowers stress and blood pressure, and opens up creative thinking. If you’re going to be taking a few minutes out of your day for guided meditation, obviously you want it to be as effective as possible. When you set up your guided meditation script, you want to be sure to only use images that get your attention. If the scene is supposed to be relaxing but the image is a beach, that could be counter-productive if you’re more at home in the mountains. You want the imagery and wording to be as unobtrusive as possible. The focus should be on the process, not what it takes to get there.

While simply taking the time out for guided meditation will be of great help with stress, here are a few things you can try and elements you can incorporate into your guided meditation script that may help with clarity:

  • After you have done the relaxation and gotten into the meditation, a journey helps to put the idea across that we’re “going for answers”
  • It’s a good idea to use lots of inspiring, and/or impressive imagery, related to the source of this wisdom. (We’ll get to that later.)
  • Remember to emphasize the ease, grace, and wholeness of this state. When you go looking for answers, it’s easy to slip back into stress mode, which will kill the whole effort.

The source of wisdom in your guided meditation script should be a strong symbol of wisdom and/or knowledge. This can be anything from the following, or more:

  • An angel
  • A perfected version of the meditator
  • A wise hermit/guru/mentor
  • A mystic mirror, pool of water, and so on.

As mentioned before, remember to really bring forth in the meditation how great this source is. You still want to be unobtrusive, but if the meditator is going to consult the pool of water, be lavish in the detail:

Trek through the ancient fores, with the great, sheltering tress. Follow the worn path as it crests the hill, offering you a breathtaking view, stretching to the horizon. Take a moment, and drink in the serene beauty of this place. (Brief pause here.) Follow the trail down, down to where you see a tiny waterfall collect in a natural stone basin…..

You get the idea. As you continue to refine your guided meditation script, you may well find that you find yourself imagining what you are describing very vividly. That is perfect. If it is working for you while you’re still writing it, it’ll almost certainly beat your expectations when you try it out live.

Never forget, there’s always room to tweak and improve. If a guided meditation isn’t working for you, remember that you have the tools to make it work. Don’t settle for less than the best.

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