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Create a Weblog Web site

How to Create a Blog Site

How to Create a Blog Site

Starting a blog is very easy now. Grab a host, a Domain name, install WordPress using Fantastico and you are in business!


What isn’t easy is creating a successful Blog!

I’ve looked around and searched Google for some tips on Start a Blog and have found several websites with very detailed articles that have some useful guides and information.

Since hindsight is 20 20, I wish I had known to do this before I had set up even one Blog!

All of these How to Start a Blog articles have a similar list of “Things To Do” that moves through the body of the article. The biggest difference I found is the listing of these Things to Do is that the order will vary from author to author according to their own standard of importance.

Many recent programs and articles about starting a Blog seem to be concentrating on: do your market research, find a busy market, do your keyword research and find your niche before you even buy a domain name or hosting.

I am going to do something different.

Here is a list of those important Things To Do in no particular order.

1. Know what you want from your Blog.

2. Decide who you plan to talk to on your Blog.

3. Keep your information targeted… wanted by the person you talk to.

4. Always and forever keep your Blog fresh. Update often.

5. Since this is a Blog, make it easy to use comments to connect.

6. Get found by doing your part by blogging, using social media, commenting, making friends online, you know the drill!

7. Keep up to date about using new tools, check them out, take a chance! Just keep in mind who you are talking to when choosing.

8. Get some Help. Other bloggers are very to willing to give advise, point the way or even help. Just ask. Everyone starts as a Newbie.

9. Never stop Learning. Keep yourself up-to-date (not just your Blog).

10. Final Thing to Do: Keep it personal… be yourself. If people just wanted facts, they could go to Wikipedia. Your thoughts are what matter and will make the difference between success and failure.

So far, so good. Each item on the above list is an article on its own, so I am not going to write about any of them in detail today.

What I do want to emphasize is this One Thing to Do that I learned from a marketing program and it has become immensely valuable to me.

To begin: print out this short article, get off the computer, go sit on the back porch if you are lucky enough to have one, and using an old fashioned ball point pen along with a yellow legal pad or notebook and your Things to Do print out start working.

Select a Thing to Do from the above list and write down what you know about it.

This isn’t the final exam at the end of the term. It is your personal roadmap for creating your successful Blog.

After you have done your homework (list all 10 Things to Do and jot down what you know or need to know), you can either go searching on Google or if you are interested in learning more from me then subscribe to my Author’s RSS from EzineArticles and get informed when I start publishing my own thoughts on each of the 10 Things to Do.

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