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Consumer LED Boosting the Market of Energy Saving Technologies


The large chunk of money that we have to let go as our electricity bills has always been a matter of concern and problem for most of the people. It is hard to control and manage these expenses due to the growing uses of electricity in our homes. We survive and depend on many kinds of technologies nowadays, right from cooking food, bathing, cleaning, washing, refrigeration, and many more. Apart from all this, a major portion of our electricity bills solely constitutes the one consumed by the air conditioners, coolers, tubelights, bulbs, fans, and other alike. This is the reason that consumers have always craved for obtaining some easy to implement and effective energy saving technologies to get rid of the heavy burdens of their electricity bills. As a result of this consumer LED, technologies like CFL and LEDs have been brought to the market.

CFL or compact fluorescent light is a famous light saving technology that is obtainable in easy to use CFL bulbs. The incandescent bulbs that you use in your home are not only expensive but also consume larger volts to emit light. However, a CFL is much efficient in the regard as it easily cuts 60-80% of your electricity consumption by providing much brighter light in just 22-watts as compared to a 100-watt incandescent bulb. They not only cost less but also eliminate the need of replacing it for a long time as it lasts 10 times longer than the incandescent bulbs. Apart from this, the start up time of these bulbs is also less and they are quite easy to use. CFLs are not only beneficial in cutting cost but it is also eco friendly due to its power of decreasing half-ton of the emission of green house gases in the air. CFLs are available in different size and shape and can easily be used for lighting areas like bathrooms, kitchen, basements, staircase, table lamps, ceiling lights, and many more.

Just like CFL, dimmable LED lights also provide energy saving benefits in low costs. Dimmers provide the benefit of cutting electricity consumption even without switching to CFL or LED lights. They can be easily installed with the complete lighting system of your house, without changing the lighting technology already being used. You can save energy by dimming your lights down without compromising with the convenience and beauty. These dimmers are also available with remote controls and are completely programmed to security.


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