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Constructing a Photo voltaic Panel For Your Dwelling – Home made Photo voltaic Panels Vs Business Photo voltaic Panels

Building a Solar Panel For Your Home - Homemade Solar Panels Vs Commercial Solar Panels

Building a Solar Panel For Your Home – Homemade Solar Panels Vs Commercial Solar Panels

Building a solar panel on your own instead of paying for a brand-new solar power system would help save thousands of dollars not to mention the costs of installation. You don’t even need an engineering degree to make your own fully-functional solar panels that do not differ much from the brand new ones that are available in pretty much all solar parts store. It’s very simple as it requires you to have a basic DIY knowledge and the rest of information that you need can be found in pretty much all the DIY solar manuals that can easily be found online at very reasonable prices.

Before starting off your DIY project you might like to get clear some basic questions — like how much would it cost and how easy it’s going to be to build a solar panel on my own?

The cost of a DIY solar panel guide would definitely vary but most of them are pretty affordable. ($40 – $100). The top manuals generally come accompanied by several other manuals for the same price tag. However if you are interested only in manuals related to building solar panels and wind turbines it shouldn’t be more than $50. Such manuals would include the complete list of components that are required to build a solar panel and they also give you information and step-by-step diagrams on how to assemble all the parts together.

We’ve built our first solar panel in less than two days, so you can spend a weekend to build your own solar panels and it’s pretty fun too. Drying up the paint would require sometime and hence at least one more day is required. The cost of your solar panel is going to be around $200 and nothing more than that. The most expensive part of your solar panel are the solar cells which in fact represent the heart of your solar power system. (their price varies but you can find cheap solar cells online for as low as $1 a piece; you can also use broken solar cells that are even cheaper but you’ll need to learn how to fix them) Every component should be easily procured from any of your local hardware stores; If you’re lucky you can get some components for free such as the plywood and glass. One of your neighbors might have some laying around, ask them nicely if you can use it. They might be interested to build their own solar panels too and you never know what kind of profitable business you are about start.


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