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Censornet Options: Managing Safety In The Cloud

Censornet Solutions: Managing Security In The Cloud

More and more business networks are moving to cloud applications as the platform for multiple business functions. Bring your own desktop is trending and has proven to be very cost-effective. Web access is a must in any and every environment. Information technology have been challenged with managing the security of such applications in ever-changing mobile work environments.

CensorNet combines email security, hybrid web security, a secure web gateway, and desktop monitoring, to give network security that allows a company to act within these mobile platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of the network. Much like the traditional firewall, it offers the same benefits protecting all computers and mobile devices that would normally be secured through network security.

Through the use of email security the system protects users from opening messages that might be phishing emails or contain malware that will infect the user’s device. Certain content or sensitive information can also be blocked and filtered. Being that this is a mobile platform, it will continue to work if the network’s traditional server were to fail. This allows users to keep up the same level of security and access information, thus maintaining productivity.

The hybrid web security feature gives a high level of control to IT departments for web activity across an array of devices. The tool allows them to run reports and analysis on users and monitors trends in devices. It is also very supportive of a bring-your-own-desktop and mobile environment in that it creates a prompt into the portal that the user can either accept or deny when not working on the network.

Offering the secured web gateway brings a new approach to cloud applications. Traditionally, as it pertains to security and the cloud, it is usually the option to “allow” or to “block” applications. The secured web gateway allows users to work in the cloud while maintaining the integrity of system security by using multiple engines to continuously scan for malware and functionality issues.

Desktop monitoring allows the same traditional “view your desktop” function across multiple devices. Implementing the use of leading technology it also gathers meta data. This allows the check to search for specific things and key words, generate usage reports, and quickly analyse productivity. It also offers that the monitoring be viewed as a live video feed to allow for real-time monitoring of activities.

CensorNet also offers flexibility in its monitoring capabilities. Rules and settings can be customised to the user by IT and thus allowing for political sensitivity to play into the planning and rule-setting to allow flexibility for different levels of users. All of the settings are configured based on policies which can be personalised to a single user or to a group of users.

Employing the use of eight different engines for virus and worm-scanning and offering multiple layers of email protection, it offers a high level of security which is needed when considering expanding a user network to mobile devices and allowing users to bring their own desktops. The program employs “follow-the-user” system which makes it so that it is not specific to a device, but rather to the user, making the transition between devices almost seamless.

In conclusion, CensorNet allows users to work across a network from multiple mobile devices while maintaining the integrity and security of the system security of the network. Allowing the user to switch devices and stay on the network, or choose to enter and exit as they wish to transition from business to personal, makes the mobile work environment can be done and easy, but also allows for security and monitoring to make sure safety and business continuity.

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