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Beta Carotene Powder May Help Persons With Night Blindness See the Light at the End of the Tunnel

As brightly as its orange color, beta carotene powder casts light at the end of the tunnel for people suffering from night blindness and other eye disorders. Night blindness, medically known as nyctalopia, is a condition where the sufferer has difficulty seeing in dim light due to a deficiency in vitamin A. With ordinary level of light, some individuals suffering night vision problems also undergo haze and glare as the disorder causes incorrect processing as visual data the information on brightness.The condition may progress into blindness if vitamin A insufficiency is left unattended. When under dim light, do you find it hard recognizing different images? If so, you may be a candidate for blindness.

In the retina, a vital chemical substance called rhodopsin or “visual purple” together with other substances situated in rods and cones chemically change due to the light that strikes the retina. A great amount of vitamin A is needed during these changes that take place very quickly. If you lack vitamin A, then this will result to night blindness. This can be addressed by supplementing with beta carotene powder.

When beta carotene powder is taken, it is converted into vitamin A or retinol, and can thus be used to address the vitamin A deficiency. If vitamin A is what you actually lack, you may wonder why not take vitamin A supplement instead? You may choose to do so. However, direct intake of this nutrient exposes you to the risks of its side effect when taken in large quantities, some of which are serious and may become permanent. These toxic effects include severe headaches, joint pain, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting and spleen and liver enlargement. In contrast, beta carotene powder is easily converted by your body into vitamin A and delivers its function just as well minus the unwanted effects that are possible with vitamin A intake.

The reason why there is virtually no overdose with taking beta carotene powder is that it is converted into vitamin A only as needed by your body. If your body detects that you have enough vitamin A, further conversion is suspended. Hence, beta carotene powder is much safer to take to address night blindness. The worst side effect you may get from beta carotene powder is skin discoloration on your face, palms and soles of your feet, which would reflect its yellow-orange color. So, if you have difficulty seeing in the dark, instead of equipping yourself with flashlight, why don’t you take beta carotene powder and prevent your condition from worsening into permanent blindness?


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