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Affiliate Advertising – Why Key phrase Analysis is Essential For Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Marketing – Why Keyword Research is Important For Affiliate Marketing

First of all, when you are doing affiliate marketing you always want to be on the top position when you are advertising. The only way this is going to happen is by giving the advertising place the correct and relavent keywords according to your product.

For example if you want to be on the top position for google, you need to beat your competitors through giving Google the better keywords.

That is why keyword research is important for affiliate marketing because if your on top position then your click through rate is at its best.

So for example you are promoting a product on dating, and this product the company allows you to promote in australia and united states. You wouldn’t use keywords like dating, or find a date because it would just be to much competition for you. So the aim is to find keywords that will give you better ranking. You can use this place to help you see what competition your keywords have, . Try to use long-tail keywords, as this will give a better chance of ranking, and if the customer types in the exact keyword of yours, your ad would probably be the first on to show up.

Back to the product dating, a long-tail keyword would be like this, ” find a date in brisbane “. So you can use to link provided to help you with other keywords as well, because when you type in one, it will pop up many other ones and you can use them to expand on it. Another good site is this one, , this site will give you more examples of your keywords and it will also tell you how many times that keyword has been search on that particular month.

So before you go out and promote any particular product, make sure that you use the correct and most relavent keywords. Overall this article has explained why keyword research is important for affiliate marketing or any other type of marketing, and also use the tools provided to make it easier.

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