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12 Causes Why You Ought to Be a part of Rich Affiliate

12 Reasons Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

12 Reasons Why You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate

Often when you start out in Internet Marketing, it is very easy for you to fall into the trap of many ‘quick rich get scams.’ It is very important to understand that your aim should be to build business and not to look for a money maker. Money makers may work, but they cannot guarantee you a steady stream of income.

In the market today, there are a number of ebooks, audio and video tutorials that teach about Internet Marketing. But the problem with these products is that they do not go beyond the content in terms of mentoring, coaching and guiding us when we need help. No wonder they say, the whole is greater than the sum of parts. What you need, when you are looking to learn and practically implement the Internet Marketing strategies is a reliable, efficient membership system that is always there for you when you need anything.

Wealthy Affiliate is easily the best Internet Marketing membership program for very many reasons. Below I have listed 25 reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Works for Everyone: Whether you are a newbie, intermediate or an advanced Internet Marketer, Wealthy Affiliate offers immense value for Internet Marketers at all levels.

2. 8 Week Lesson Plan: Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to 8 week lesson plan that walks you from the very basics of Internet Marketing to the most advanced levels of product creation and product promotion. These weekly lesson plans provide you a step-by-step plan to work on different tactics in Internet Marketing starting from article marketing, list building, email marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing.

3. Research Center: It offers a number of free but powerful keyword research tools for your Internet Marketing campaigns. These include Keyword Phrase Builder, Competition Spy Tool, Keyword Research Tool and Keyword Generator.

4. Site Rubix: You have access to a free website builder that enables you to create your own websites in minutes. The best feature of Site Rubix is that it requires no HTML programming experience and the content can be easily edited and changed.

5. Free Web Hosting: Additionally you are also given free webhosting to its members accompanied with detailed tutorials on how to set up your webhosting. Their webservers are more powerful than many of the leading web servers available, including Go Daddy, 1&1, and Yahoo Hosting

6. Wealthy Affiliate Forum: Probably the most valued asset of Wealthy Affiliate is their forum. The members of the forum are very friendly, helpful and are always willing to provide you with guidance. Remember, the members cater to all levels of Internet Marketers- newbies, intermediates and the experts in Internet Marketing.

7. Bum Marketing Methods: Often when people start out in Internet Marketing, one of the main constraints they have is that they do not have a lot of money to spend on Internet Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate offers killer tactics and strategies in their weekly lesson plans and tutorials where they reveal how to make money without spending a dime.

8. PPC Campaign Guidance: If you are into Pay Per Click Marketing and want guidance for your campaigns, you can get personal help and support from Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are willing to look into your campaigns and offer you free advise on how to improve your Pay Per Click Campaigns.

9. Rapid Writer: The program offers a very nifty resource that can help you create articles in a faster and efficient way. These articles are not only keyword optimized but also are very rich in content that offers immense value to the readers.

10. Share Zone: In this section, you have access to ebooks, videos and online tutorials that are reveal some of the strategies and tactics used by the successful Internet Marketers. Wealthy Affiliate also offers rewards to its members who provide value to the Wealthy Affiliate community.

11. Job Section: Wealthy Affiliate has a job section, where you can start earning money right away by providing your services. These jobs range from article writing to designing graphics, building websites and mentoring for PPC Campaigns.

12. Turn-Key Feeders Sites: With the help of these Turn-Key Feeder Sites, you can right away start promoting affiliate products. These sites are professional designed with your affiliate links embedded in it for you to make commissions on the sold products.

Wealthy Affiliate is without doubt the best Internet Marketing Program around. In this article, I have just scratched the surface. Upon joining Wealthy Affiliate, you will realise that there is much more to take advantage of.

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